San Gervasio Pro Am

July 2-4 2021

Pro Format

(maximum of 45 skiers across Women and Men)

These rules are in line with the "Head to Head Final" format by Waterski Pro Tour
There will be 2 qualifying rounds (please read as rules have changed from previous years)

Preliminary Rounds


In the event of a tie for best score between two or more skiers the superior second score from the other qualifying round will be used to organize seeding.

Perfect Ties
In the event of a perfect tie between two or more skiers (both qualifying scores are the same) seeding for the final will be determined according to the 1st round starting list (Pro Ranking).

Perfect Tie For Last Spot in Finals
If a perfect tie exists for the last finals spot(s) there will be a run-off between all tied skiers. The order for the run-off will be determined by drawing lots on the dock with all affected skiers present. Each skier will leave the dock on the last completed line length and ski until they fall or miss. In the event of a tie in the run-off there will be a second run off with the skiers continuing in the same order and starting at the most recent (uncompleted) pass. Skiers will run off in this manner until there is a clear winner.

More Than Two Skiers in Run Off

If there are more than two skiers running off for multiple spots in the final the skiers who achieve the superior scores in the run-off will advance to the final. The qualifying skier with the best score in the run-off will be seeded higher than the qualifying skier with the second best score and so on down the order. If there is a tie for two skiers that qualify for the final initial seeding (Pro Ranking) will be used for final seeding.

Head-to-Head Finals

The format for head-to-head will be the usual bracket system.
The order of events will be the following:

Payout (USD)
Pro WomenPro Men
7th ––– 400
8th ––– 300

Junior Challenge Format

Seeding round

Head-to-Head Finals

The format for head-to-head will be the usual bracket system.
The order of events will be the following:

Payout (USD)
Junior GirlsJunior Boys

Amateur Format

(maximum of 40 amateur skiers across categories)
Amateur skiers will ski three rounds, with the first two round happening on Friday and the third one on Sunday morning.
The order of series will be according to age groups, with young skiers first, followed by Senior and Open. Running orders will be randomized for first round and kept equal for the following two rounds.
The best score out of the rounds will be compared to a handicap score, which will be 6 buoys less than the skier's Top performance from the 2019 or 2020 season.
So, if someone's top performance from either 2019 or 2020 is [email protected] and the score is [email protected], then he or she will have 5 points.
This system will lead to a three-skiers podium per age group, with goodies offered by our sponsor


Practice rounds will be available from Monday until Thursday (no Friday) at €40 per set (6 passes), to be paid cash on site.

Please send us an email ahead of time if you want to reserve practice times.